William J. Luther

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March 8, 2023Cryptocurrency and Financial PrivacyUTEP
El Paso, TX
March 17, 2023Hawks and DovesPublic Choice Society
Seattle, WA
April 16, 2023Hawks and DovesAPEE
Cancun, Mexico

Harwood Graduate Colloquium on Sound Money

American Institute for Economic Research

May 2024
Great Barrington, MA

The Harwood Graduate Colloquium on Sound Money is a four-day event intended for graduate students interested in monetary economics. It consists of a combination of interactive discussions and provocative lectures based on pre-assigned readings. Participants are given ample time to interact with each other and prominent scholars. The goal is to encourage promising graduate students to push the frontiers in their understanding, forge new research collaborations, and network with their peers and established scholars.